Skewed Up

Skewed Up

thoughts & opinion with offered or desired supporting facts

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COVID-19: Vaccinated.

Many people are taking pictures of themselves receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. How many people have had a reaction to the vaccine? No one knows. How many people do not want to admit to having a reaction due to how highly publicized this vaccine has been, as far as “everyone should go get it”. How many…

COVID-19 Management

From August 1, 2020: A patient who is admitted to the hospital due to COVID-19 (not addressing admission of COVID-19+ patient admitted for an unrelated reason), is typically admitted due to a new supplemental oxygen requirement or increased work of breathing at rest. They are also typically given dexamethasone 6mg oral tablet daily due to…

How long?

How long can this keep going on? Until there is a vaccine? A cure? Let’s be realistic. A vaccine would take until the end of the year, and possibly longer. Is there a cure for the flu? Exactly. This week, Lyft has started requiring drivers to wear a mask. This week. That should have happened…

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