Dr. WHO?

A great friend of mine wanted me to visit her in Manhattan, where she lives. It had been so long since I had visited with her and I wanted to visit her! I didn’t because I knew that COVID-19 was a problem in China, and that Manhattan would be one of the first places that it would show up in the US. Without telling my friend that reason for not visiting, I did not visit. That was the last week of January, 2020.

Dr. Saag, an infectious disease specialist from Alabama, visited family in New York City in early March. Not surprisingly, he contracted COVID-19. He went public with this and detailed his course with the virus. He seemed somewhat proud and jovial. Maybe instead of pride, he should have apologized for his idiocy. An infectious disease specialist did not know better than to limit travel??? Did he do this intentionally for the publicity or knowledge of the disease process?

Do you want to know what should have been done when we knew how bad COVID-19 was hitting China? We should have limited travel. Not close schools and stop our lives, but limit travel. No cruises. No trips to Europe. No trips to Disney World. No trip 1,000 miles away to visit Manhattan. That should have happened in January. But, we are Americans – no one can tell us not to do those things! People would have been hysterical. Here we are now. Bi school. No daycare. Still trying to work or work from home with young children who need attention and care. Maybe we need the World Health Organization (WHO) to weigh in sooner on these types of healthcare situations.

Dr. Saag, I hope that trip to Manhattan was worth it.

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