Not here, but there

We have shelter in place orders in areas of the country that have not had much COVID-19 activity, however, there are people who have come to those areas from heavily hit areas. How does this make any sense? Don’t go to school, work, or anywhere else you normally go… except the grocery store. You can go to the grocery store. The grocery stores have been continuously busy. Oh, and what’s in the parking lot of the grocery store? An Audi SUV with New York tags and luggage on the roof rack. Does this make sense to anybody? These people from an area heavily hit by COVID-19 have come to an area with few cases and have gone shopping in a busy grocery store, putting others in the area at higher risk. Why is it acceptable to tell people to not come out of their houses unless they are going to the grocery store, but yet people can leave their home state and go on a COVID-19 spreading road trip?

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