Quick! Do something!

Quick! Do something! What? Anything! And so, it began. Extend Spring Break. Close daycares. Social distancing. Vacations slowing. Then, close non-essential businesses for two weeks. Finally, people began to rope off and make public playgrounds off limits. Shouldn’t that have happened sooner in this timeline? They are never sanitized and are heavily utilized. Funally, visitors restricted at nursing homes, but what about PPE (personal protective equipment)? Don’t we want masks utilized around these high risk individuals? People still packing into the grocery stores and hardware stores… even people who are escaping a more serious COVID-19 scene 1,000 miles away. Then, all non-essential businesses closed until May, school closed for the rest of the semester, no prom, no graduation, no fathers present at births, no funerals, no church attendance… until further notice. Essential stores are now imposing some limits on the number of people in the stores – that should have happened sooner.

Now, into April, and a local nursing home has sent 20 or so residents to the hospital, where they will either be admitted, or stay until they can return to the facility. How many of the people with COVID-19 contracted it in such a setting? These are the high risk people who are much more likely to die from COVID-19. While so many people were pushing for EVERYONE to stay home, opportunity was lost. It is not as easy as just hiding under our covers until a vaccine is created. There are things that still need to be done. People in nursing homes still need care. Nursing homes should have been a focus early on. I want statistics indicating how many of those hospitalized with COVID-19 are from nursing homes.

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