How long?

How long can this keep going on? Until there is a vaccine? A cure? Let’s be realistic. A vaccine would take until the end of the year, and possibly longer. Is there a cure for the flu? Exactly.

This week, Lyft has started requiring drivers to wear a mask. This week. That should have happened two months ago, when closures of businesses began. This is exactly the issue that I have been talking about. Hide under your covers and come out when there is a vaccine is not acceptable. These drivers come in contact with travelers from all over and are in a small space with them for at least ten minutes. We need to emphasize hygiene and teach people how to live with this being a threat.

Instead of shutting everything down out of fear that people will not follow social distancing and hygiene recommendations, these things need to be enforced. Don’t forbid gyms to open. Instead, enforce cleanliness and social distancing. Enforce fines if these things are not done.

Do you know what social isolation and financial insecurity are risk factors for? Depression, anxiety, and suicide. Three things plaguing our youth and young adults. In my opinion, we need to try to save what we can of this economy and live while being conscientious of hygiene in areas that have not had large numbers of COVID-19. Of course, if you are older and/or have comorbidities (YES, THIS INCLUDES YOUNG PEOPLE WITH ASTHMA), then you should take additional precautions as you are high risk.

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