How long?

How long can this keep going on? Until there is a vaccine? A cure? Let’s be realistic. A vaccine would take until the end of the year, and possibly longer. Is there a cure for the flu? Exactly. This week, Lyft has started requiring drivers to wear a mask. This week. That should have happenedContinue reading “How long?”

Quick! Do something!

Quick! Do something! What? Anything! And so, it began. Extend Spring Break. Close daycares. Social distancing. Vacations slowing. Then, close non-essential businesses for two weeks. Finally, people began to rope off and make public playgrounds off limits. Shouldn’t that have happened sooner in this timeline? They are never sanitized and are heavily utilized. Funally, visitorsContinue reading “Quick! Do something!”

Not here, but there

We have shelter in place orders in areas of the country that have not had much COVID-19 activity, however, there are people who have come to those areas from heavily hit areas. How does this make any sense? Don’t go to school, work, or anywhere else you normally go… except the grocery store. You canContinue reading “Not here, but there”